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The Magic Mirror

A talking mirror that can control any magic prop.

Click here for more info and to watch videos of the mirror in action


The Ouija Board

The magic Ouija board garnered alot of controversy on Instagram

Check out the spooky workings here for videos

Plasma Magic

Use a plasma ball to control your lights or any plugged in device. Perfect when linked with the spirit bell for a mentalism effect.

The Magic Chest

A secret knock can open the chest - or perhaps a specific tune on the haunted xylophone.

The Haunted Xylophone

The Xylophone is a great escape room prop. Can be linked to any output - electric plug, relay switch or maglock.

The Spirit Bell

The Spirit Bell is perfect for mentalism. Link it with the plasma ball for the perfect effect - or the Ouija board to really demonstrate how you can communicate with the other side. 

The Card Shower

There are lots of card showers on the market - some better than others. After much experimentation, this is the one I've settled on. Link it with any of the props from this site. and hide it in a top hat for maximum effect. 

The Haunted Book

The book is a versatile prop and there are two modes of operation. Either knock on the book or use the magic ring. It can be hooked up with any of our props, a maglock (as is the case in this video), a relay circuit, or an electric plug. Please let us know how you would like it configured.

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