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Xylophone or Special Knock Opens a Treasure Chest

Effect: Play a tune on the xylophone and a treasure chest on the other side of the room magically opens!

Summary of Method: Arduino with sound detector placed under xylophone. Detected sound is converted to the frequency domain using a Fast Fourier Transform (library available online). A little bit of trial and error to map the frequencies to the xylophone keys and then we can program the arduino to detect a series of notes. When the correct sequence is detected, the RF transmitter sends a signal. This signal is received by the RF receiver that triggers the relay that unlocks the lock. When the lock is released, the gas strut pushes the treasure chest open.

What you need:

* Xylophone

* Sound Detector (for xylophone)

* Piezoelectric vibration sensor (for knock sensor)

* Arduino Nano

* Relay with RF receiver

* RF Transmitter

* Treasure chest (my favourites include this or this)

[Details to follow]

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